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Family saves £540 switching energy from Sainsbury's at new house

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Oct 27, 2017

"Ticking a few boxes" has saved one smart thinking family £540 on their energy bill.

Paul Cannell and his wife and three children moved into their new home in Cranbrook, Kent, and took over the tariff on the house.

Paul said he hadn't heard from the supplier Sainsbury's when they moved in.

"They probably expect you to do nothing."


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So, he decided to look into switching.

"You don't get anything for being loyal."

They joined up to the Big Switch with A Spokesman Said and saved £540 on their old deal by switching to SSE.

"You can save a few hundred pounds for ticking a few boxes – it's a no brainer."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Paul said they would have been paying £2,850 on their detached brick house if they had not switched.

Instead they will be paying about £2,280.

The new price was even £200 cheaper than what they had been paying at their last address, he said.

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Energy costs are "astronomical"

Paul said he did not used to switch, but quickly realised that it paid to keep an eye out for good deals.

He said energy costs were astronomical.

"After your mortgage it is one of the biggest costs you pay.

"With any utility you seem to be held to ransom - It is the same with insurance."

He said being on a one-year fixed deal gave them flexibility to change in a year's time and get another deal.

We'll see you in a year Paul.


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Try switching

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