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Iresa takes incompetence to a new level – unable to give a final energy bill for five months and counting

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Jan 17, 2018

This one really takes the biscuit.

Annette and Rob Hargreaves moved house in August, but nearly five months later and they are STILL waiting for their final energy bill and refund from Iresa.

This is despite months and months of phone calls and emails to the energy company.


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Annette and Rob moved out of their London property last year and had a £200 credit on their account.

They gave Iresa their final readings, but their final bill never came.

"For several months we were sent reminders that we needed to submit final readings once we had switched to our new energy suppliers - despite our messages saying we had moved out and wanted our money back," Annette said.

Here's a timeline of Iresa's incompetence:

  • August 25 Annette and Rob tell Iresa they are moving on August 30.
  • September 4 They send through their final readings.
  • September 5 Iresa says their final readings will be processed within 14 days.
  • October 2 Iresa says the readings have been submitted.
  • October 2 Annette and Rob ask for a refund of their credit – Iresa responds saying it needs meter readings.
  • November 6 Iresa sends them an email asking for final readings.
  • November 24 Iresa sends another email asking for final readings.
  • December 14 Iresa says it will process the final bill – something they should have done months earlier.
  • December 20 Iresa promises yet again to process a final bill.
  • January 8 Annette and Rob ask Iresa AGAIN for their refund after hearing nothing.
  • January 8 Iresa says it will deal with the complaint as a 'high priority'.
  • January 16 Annette and Rob still have nothing from Iresa.

Annette said they were clear with Iresa, but the company has had woeful customer service.

"As communication via email went absolutely nowhere, I resorted to calling directly on several occasions in December."

But this was just as bad – as Annette could be on hold for 45 minutes.

"Even worse, instead of receiving a refund, £145.90 worth of random "new" charges were applied to our account."


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'Going nowhere'

Annette said they were fed up with battling Iresa. 

"They kept saying 'give us a final reading' and the whole thing went nowhere'.

"I said this is ridiculous – I have called three to four times in the past couple weeks."

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Annette said they had been patient to start with, but the process had now become a joke.

"We understood it takes a few weeks to get a final reading.

"Many emails and phone calls later, we are still owed a substantial amount of money and there seems no prospect of progress from their side."

A Spokesman Said has contacted Iresa to sort out their bungling mess, and we'll keep you up to date with how Annette and Rob get on.

On its website, Iresa claims that it believes its customers "deserve the best".

"We will not only listen. We will swing to action," the website says.

It sounds to us like Iresa aren't doing much of either.

Iresa even states that its core values are; integrity, being passionate about our customers and people, and measuring success through sustainable customer satisfaction.

At A Spokesman Said, we think Iresa could start living up to those values by finally sorting this out for Annette and Rob.