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'You have destroyed me' - Toto Energy takes massive £440 direct debit without telling customer

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Jun 8, 2018

A Liverpool man has been left with nothing after his energy company lumped him with a £1,900 debt and hiked his energy bills from £55 a month to £314.

Lee Hoey, an unemployed security guard from Croxteth, was in tears after Toto Energy also took £440 out of his bank account without warning.

"I have very little money they have left me with nothing."


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Lee, 43, had to take out a loan just to get by.

The trouble began on June 4.

"All of a sudden they took £440 - they did not send me anything at all, no email, no letter."

It only got worse from there, when he received his monthly bill.

"For some reason they say I owe them £1,900 and are taking it from me in installments of £440."

Lee has only been with Toto for just over a year.

Toto has estimated his next 12 months of energy usage at his two-bedroom house to be £3,226.98 for electricity and £545.54 for gas.

"I live by myself, I don't use that much energy."

His direct debits were normally £55 each month. Based on Toto's new estimates, he'd have to pay £314 each month.

That kind of electricity usage is more akin to three families, not one person in a small house.

"Even if I did owe them extra, it wouldn't be £1,900," Lee said.


"You have destroyed me"

A distraught Lee emailed Toto saying they had left him with nothing.

"I don't have a penny to my name. I only get £197 every two weeks. You have destroyed me," Lee wrote to Toto.

But Lee has had trouble getting a response from Toto.

"I sent them email after email, you can't get through. They're not replying to me

"There is no customer service whatsoever."

To make matters worse, Lee is facing further debits of £440 to pay off his "debt".

With nowhere left to turn, Lee came to A Spokesman Said.

We've told Toto this needs to be sorted out ASAP.

Toto said they were unable to discuss customer accounts, but had passed Lee's case onto its customer resolutions department "as a matter of urgency".


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