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Five smart upgrades for your home to help save on energy bills

Eleanor Newis
Jan 24, 2019

How to save some cash and make home improvements.

Energy bills seem to be rising repeatedly in the UK. The average family now pays more than £1,000 per year for energy.

You can ensure that you don’t overpay on your energy bills by switching supplier regularly. But there are also lots of other ways that you can improve your home to cut your bills further.

Here’s some of the things you can do to make sure you’re not overpaying.

Smart heating controls

Some companies now offer new technology that can allow you to control your heating even when you’re not home.

These heating controls are an investment. They usually cost around £200 to £300 in initial outlays, but they can save enough money to pay for this by cutting your energy use.

Some claim they can knock as much as £250 off a household’s annual bill.

The way that the smart controls help you save money is by showing you how to change your energy usage habits. For example, you can see when you’re heating your home when there’s no one in it.

You can also use the smart controls to turn your heating on when you know you’re going home, making sure your house will be warm when you get there.

LED Light bulbs

You can use choose a box of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) instead of the usual light bulbs. They do cost a bit more to start with (they cost £10 to £15 for a pack of six bulbs), but they could save you hundreds of pounds over time.

They use up to 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and they can also last up to 25 years.

The Energy Saving Trust says that switching all your bulbs to LED lights could save you £35 each year on energy usage.

Try remote control lights

Another consideration you might like to make is using remote control lights. They sound like they might be an unnecessary piece of technology, but they could have some real money-saving bonuses.

These specialist light bulbs are controlled through an app or remotely. You are able to use them as side lamps or big room lights. Most are able to hook up your WiFi for control anywhere you have internet.

This can be particularly useful if you’re away from home, and you need to switch a light on to put off potential burglars. The most advanced lightbulbs even allow you to dim them and switch the colour from your phone too.

Water efficient shower heads

These clever add-ons are meant to make the shower feel like it has high pressure when actually the shower head is reducing the amount of water you use.

This has two benefits. It decreases the amount of water you need for a shower, and it also saves on energy costs because it means you heat less water.

The shower heads can be installed on showers that take water from your boiler or a hot water tank, but they can’t be used with electric showers.

Most of the shower heads cost around £30 and could save a family as much as £70 on their gas bills, plus an extra £120 on water if they are on a deal that uses a meter.

Smart plugs that turn off automatically

Leaving your appliances on standby can waste as much as £30 per year according to the Energy Saving Trust.

So you can waste money by leaving your phone charger plugged in, keeping the TV on standby or leaving a games console on.

Across the UK, 52% of people (over 27 million people) unplug or turn off appliance at the wall instead of leaving them on standby. You can also get timer plugs that go on and off at certain times, or plugs that are controlled by a remote.

By using these tips, and shopping around for the best energy deal, you can make sure that you keep your bills down and still have comfort in your home. Use a price comparison website such as A Spokesman Said to make sure that you’re finding the right tariff for your home.


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