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Are you losing an extra £140 to your energy bills?

Eleanor Lewis
Feb 1, 2019



As the temperatures continue to drop across the UK, the central heating is being turned up. Yet many of us might feel tempted to hold out as long as we can because of the rising costs.

However, there are some ways that those who are most in need can reduce their monthly outgoings and stay warm — by claiming financial support.

There are many ways you can do this as a consumer and it can be confusing. But the British Gas service and repair engineer, Hannah Hughes, has some information on the subject.

She says that there are a number of different schemes that can assist people. The Warm Home Discount is one of these schemes. It was set up by the Government in April 2011, and it offers a £140 winter fuel rebate.

Those who are entitled to this rebate won’t actually receive the money themselves — instead, this is a discount which is applied to your energy bill between September and March. If your supplier is the same for your gas and electricity, this discount can also be applied to your gas bill.

Are you eligible for the Warm Home Discount?

The Government says that there are two ways that you can apply for the discount. One of these is getting the guarantee credit element of pension credit.

Those who are on a low income and meet their energy provider’s criteria can apply for the scheme. You can read the full details on the Government website.

Hughes also explained that this isn’t the only kind of support that people can seek for help with their energy bills.

You can also get face-to-face advice, financial support and grants from the British Gas Energy Trust. This isn’t just available to British Gas customers, but to everyone who might need assistance.

She said: ‘Customers who need an extra hand with the practical side of things can sign up to be on the Priority Services Register, for additional services such as different bill formats and advanced warnings if their energy supply is facing disruption.’

Other tips that she said customers could make use of include making sure to bleed your radiators, insulate all your hot water pipes and use a smart meter to check your energy usage.

Whilst smart meters have been causing controversy for a while due to problems with their installation, they could help some households reduce their energy consumption and bring down their bills.

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