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Thousands warned to check energy bills to avoid hike

Eleanor Newis
Feb 1, 2019

Thousands of people across Britain are being warned that they need to check their energy bills this month, as dozens of tariffs will be coming to an end. This is also happening just as the weather gets even colder and the big freeze is on the way.

By the end of this month, 86 fixed energy deals will be ending, and those customers who don’t act now will end up default tariffs. These are typically the most expensive deals on the market, and some say that customers who let their tariffs roll on to these will lose up to £302.

Amongst the deals ending is First Utility’s Smart First January 2019 online tariff, which ends on 31st January. Ovo Energy’s Better Energy tariff ended on 24th January, and Green Network Energy’s Family 18 month fixed deal ended on 26th January.

This means that if these customers don’t switch this month, they will be automatically rolled on to their supplier’s default tariff, and they stand to lose a lot of money.

Whilst not all customers will lost out on £302, the average hike is estimated to be £140 for households who don’t switch their energy provider.

In total, this will be an extra £28 million added on to energy bills — spread between approximately 200,000 households.

Those who are facing the biggest price increases are customers with Together Energy (£302) and Peterborough Energy (£258).

The biggest price hikes facing those who are with the big six energy suppliers are people on tariffs with British Gas (£133) and E.ON (£117).

An energy cap was introduced by the industry regulator Ofgem at the beginning of this year to try to keep down the prices of default tariffs. However, many people will still be facing potential price increases.

To avoid having to pay inflated energy bills, you should check the expiry date of your tariff and make sure that you switch provider instead of allowing yourself to be put on an automatic deal.

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