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Cash-hungry EDF lose 200,000 customers

Patrick Christys
Feb 18, 2019

Surprise, surprise! EDF Energy lost 200,000 customers last year as people finally had enough of spiralling energy costs.

Customers are sick of paying through the nose for their energy bills and having to swallow the fact that the big firms keep hiking prices. And now they're voting with their feet and leaving.

The energy firm said earnings for its UK business tumbled 16.5% to £691 million in the year to December 31st.

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The big firms have been hiking prices incessantly - and they're set to do it again.

The government raised the price cap and EDF ran through that open door towards shed loads of cash, announcing they would increase prices by around 10%.

"December saw a switching surge away from the Big Six," said Peter Earl, head of energy at

“Of the challengers, So Energy and Avro Energy emerged as the big winners."

Victoria Arrington at energyhelpline added: “It’s no surprise that a major supplier had trouble keeping customers through the troublesome times of 2018.

"A loss of 200,000 customers may seem like a drop in the ocean compared to their 5 million or so total customers, but it shows that the energy market is experiencing tough times right now.

"Rising wholesale prices, as well as over 70 suppliers in the market competing for business, have made it difficult for the Big Six to keep hold of their grip on the market."

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