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SHAMEFUL: Elderly left in freezing conditions due to energy price hike

Patrick Christys
Mar 7, 2019

Frail, elderly pensioners are left in freezing conditions as soaring energy costs mean they have to choose between being comfortable or being skint. 

A new survey has found that 2.7m elderly people were forced to ration their energy usage last winter because they couldn't afford to pay the extortionate bills.

It's a damning indictment of how ruthless big energy firms are when it comes to their property margins that 23% of over 65's turned down the thermostat to save money.

And still the big firms are hiking bills by 10% - how are elderly people going to afford this? Don't the big firms have any sense of the damage they're doing to the aged population's wellbeing.

In fact, the study showed 12% of over-65's think they would struggle to afford extra costs.

A Spokesman Said has already reported on British Gas, E.on, EDF Energy and Scottish Power hiking prices after regulator Ofgem announced an increase to the price cap.

In most cases customers could end up paying hundreds of pounds a year more.

An E.On spokesperson said: “Ofgem’s energy market price cap review set out that price cap levels would increase, driven by rising wholesale and other costs. In line with that, we’ll be making changes to our standard variable tariff prices from 1 April and expect to see similar movements across the energy industry.

“Prices will not change for existing customers until then. Over the coming weeks we’ll be writing to affected customers explaining what the changes will mean for them and encouraging them to choose the best tariff for their needs.”

What is also concerning is the fact that some 3.6m people are on uncompetitive tariffs, meaning they're definitely not getting the best deal.

It's an absolute scandal that big energy firms can hike prices, or even be allowed to hike prices, in a way that leaves old people out of pocket or freezing cold.

People work their whole lives for their savings, only for major energy firms to keep forcing them to dip into them.

The elderly should not have a choice of freezing in winter or going broke. Ofgem should hang its head in shame and step in urgently to stop this national disgrace.

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