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Gas boilers to be banned from new build homes from 2025

Patrick Christys
Mar 14, 2019

The days of gas boilers heating homes are numbered.

Chancellor Philip Hammond, known affectionately as Spreadsheet Phil by his 'friends', has announced that gas boilers in new build homes will be banned from 2025.

Hammond gave his Spring Statement in the House of Commons, which took a break from the usual theatre-like performances over Brexit, and declared new standards 'mandating the end of fossil fuel heating systems in new homes from 2025 delivering lower carbon, and lower fuel bills too'.

A victory for the climate warriors.

Hammond said: 'To help ensure consumer energy bills are low and homes are better for the environment, the government will introduce a Future Homes Standard by 2025, so that new build homes are future-proofed with low carbon heating and world-leading levels of energy efficiency.'  

But, like most political announcements, there doesn't appear to be much forward thinking. Big questions like: 'What the heck do we replace gas boilers with?' haven't been answered.

The most likely replacement for gas are air source heat pumps.

These extract heat from the outside air, even in the depths of winter, and channel it into a compressor that amplifies the heat which is then used to warm up water for the heating, taps and showers.

The pumps are generally combined with extra insulation, however the total cost of including these two elements in a new property is currently estimated to be around £5,000 more expensive than a gas boiler. 

So it's not good news for people looking to save money - but then again, the Big Six energy firms have been ramping up bills anyway.

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Another option is replacing natural gas with hydrogen - but fitting a range of boilers to replace traditional ones could also have a huge cost implication.

The move is one of a series of environmental measures unveiled in a short Spring Statement, as he sought to address one of the major concerns of young people ahead of a second school climate strike on Friday.

The proposals also include increasing the amount of so-called 'green gas' in the National Grid to replace Natural Gas from the North Sea.

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