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Smart meter roll-out not going to plan

Patrick Christys
May 31, 2019

The great smart meter roll-out...well, it hasn't been that great.

The government, predictably, is a country mile away from achieving its target of having every home and small business fitted with one of the new devices by 2020.

In fact, is a depressing mirroring of the government's handling of transport links around the UK, it could be argued that it's almost ground to a halt. 

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There was a 6.7 per cent decrease in domestic smart meter installations in the first three months of 2019, with roughly a million installed by large suppliers, according to the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. 

In a rush to meet the deadline, all of the Big Six suppliers now only offer their cheapest tariffs to those who have - or are willing to have - a smart meter fitted. 

But, because they essentially behave like charlatans, they'll probably ramp up the cost once they've got you on the hook - so beware!

In the same period, just 18,500 smart meters were installed at business sites by large energy suppliers – resulting in a 22 per cent decrease in non-domestic installations compared to the previous quarter. 

It means there are 14.3million smart meters operating across homes and businesses in the UK, from both large and small energy suppliers.

This is a long way off the Government target of replacing all 50million of Britain's analogue meters by next year. 

Smart meters are supposed to help you manage your energy use, reduce our impact on the environment and reduce bills...but they have to be installed first!

It's hardly a shock though, is it? The only thing more useless than the government's timeframe for delivering policy is a chocolate teapot. 

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