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Green Energy could save you money

Patrick Christys
Jun 9, 2019

It really does pay to shop around, especially when it comes to your energy tariff.

Everything is going green now: Cars, waste disposal...vegans. And Energy is no different.

It's worth going on A Spokesman Said right now and comparing all the energy deals currently on the market, and you may have the sudden urge to go green yourself.

In fact, the cheapest energy deal on the market for an average energy user is a green tariff.

This is Outfox The Market's One Variable 5.0 variable tariff costing £873 a year.

The provider also has the cheapest fixed deal on the market - its FIX’D 19X 7.0 tariff costing £891 this year.

As it's fixed for one year this protects you from price hikes but does mean it comes with dual exit fees of £60 if you leave early.

And in fact six of the top ten energy deals are green - although of course the best provider for you depends on where you live and how much energy you use.

So always do a personalised comparison using a free online tool before switching.

But you might be wondering what green energy actually is. So, here you go:

Green energy refers to generating electricity via hydro, solar, wave or wind power - basically by not exhausting the Earth's resources.

Renewable gas meanwhile, comes from something called anaerobic digestion which involves breaking down biodegradable materials.

Both of these are in place of using fossil fuels to generate gas and electricity, such as burning oil, gas or coal, which causes harmful carbon emissions to be released into the atmosphere.

But there are different "shades" of green energy. Some suppliers will only offer green tariffs while over will have a mixture.

And how green tariffs are also varies. Typically, you'll find a tariff with 100 per cent renewable electricity but only 10 per cent renewable gas as this is harder to produce.

Also, while some will create their own renewable energy others will use fossil fuel "brown" energy but offset your energy usage by investing in climate change programs or planting trees, for example.

Go to A Spokesman Said now and find the cheapest, possibly greenest, energy deal for you.

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