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Pre-payment energy tariffs are a con, switch now

Patrick Christys
Jun 12, 2019

Energy customers should be used to being conned by now - but there's another big swindle going on. This time, it involves pre-payments.

It's like these big energy firm want to prey on your peace of mind - they say pre-payment meters can save you money, but research shows even the cheapest pre-payment meter is £27 more expensive-per-year than the cheapest credit meter.

Think about it - would you pay for a meal in a restaurant before it arrives? No. Because when your steak turns up looking like hard boiled shoe leather and you ask for your money back, it would be a massive hassle.

It's like the 'estimated' bills energy firms also dish out. I'd like to see that work the other way round. Can you imagine?

"Hi, is that E.on? I'm estimating that I'm going to use no energy this month. What's that? You think I'm lying because I don't want to pay you any of my hard-earned cash? Don't be ridiculous."


The cheapest credit meter for a dual-fuel customer is currently offered by Outfox the Market at £873 per year for a variable deal.

Meanwhile, the cheapest pre-payment meter is available at Nabuh Energy and costs £900 per year in a variable deal - a difference of just under £30.

Among the Big Six providers, the variable tariffs are close to each other in price with the cheapest pre-payment meter costing £1,241.88 per year at EDF, E.On, Npower and Scottish Power.

While British Gas and SSE are the cheapest at £1,241.58 and £1,240.90, respectively.

The cheapest credit meter among the biggest suppliers is currently offered by EDF at £935 in an exclusive deal with uSwitch.

So there you have it - move away from pre-payment meters AND switch to a smaller supplier.


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