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Households punished for not having smart meter

Patrick Christys
Aug 22, 2019

The penalty for refusing a smart meter is now costing households as much as £255 a year.

It's like blackmail - get a smart meter, or else.

Money Mail readers have surged forward to cry foul after we reported that energy suppliers were saving their best deals for those willing to have the gadgets installed.

It means those who don't want one are being punished with pricier bills for their gas and electricity.

The installation of a smart meter is not a legal requirement, yet more than 100 of you wrote to us to complain that you had been denied a better deal simply because you didn't want one.

More than 50 of these letters and emails were from E.on customers. But the regulator is powerless to stop the surcharge — despite some firms admitting it is not fair.

 Here, Money Mail, speaks to customers who are angry at the smart meter penalty — and explains what you can do about it.

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