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Sneaky hack to lower your energy bills

Patrick Christys
Sep 3, 2019

A mother has unearthed a new way of making huge savings on her energy bills.

We all know that switching supplier is the quickest way to drive down costs immediately, but then you end up slowly working your way back up to a rip-off rate until you switch again.

Step forward Carmel Rider, 43, from North Wales.

The mother-of-two had been with a Big Six provider and then switched to a green energy firm called Pure Planet.

She immediately saved £500, but then discovered a way of saving £500 more.

When she switched, she was given a unique referral code, which she then shared with her Facebook friends.

Pure Planet is currently offering £50 in Amazon vouchers to you and a friend when you refer them - so Carmel made the decision to post her code on Facebook, reports The Mirror.

"I was amazed by the response. I am friends with quite a lot of people on Facebook and almost straight away four others signed up using my code which gave me £100 in vouchers as the promotion at the time was for £25," she said.

"From then I posted the code again around once a month and in a year I had switched 14 other people and earned myself £450 of vouchers."

But Carmel stressed that all of her recommendations are based on her own experience with the provider - not solely on the referral incentive.

She said: “It came as a huge shock when I realised how much we could save.

"Price was obviously a big factor and they were the cheapest but we are concerned about being as green as possible so this worked perfectly for us."

When searching for a better deal, Carmel said she used a comparison website and then verified its suggestions on Trustpilot.

"We hadn't heard of the supplier before but they had a good rating on Trustpilot so we decided to give them a go," she said.


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