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Man receives energy bill for £225,000

Patrick Christys
Sep 20, 2019

We've all received a bill that's made us spit our coffee out, but this takes things to a completely different level.

A garage worker opened a bill from EDF Energy charging him £255,000 for 45 days' worth of energy usage - you'd have thought that EDF might have noticed that this gentleman wasn't running an international nuclear power plant and maybe changed the amount he owed.

Graham Hill, 44, had his meter read on Monday and was expecting a bill with no charges as he had settled the outstanding balance.


But when he received the letter from EDF, it said he owed £255,196.12 for the period between August 6 and September 16.

He said: "I took it next door and asked, 'Am I reading this right?'"

Graham, who is the sole worker in his garage in Exmouth in Devon, usually gets electricity bills of £30 per month.

He said that EDF had over-estimated the meter reading by abut £100 in the past, but "nothing in this league".

He said he's treating the bill as a joke and added: "Luckily I am that sort of chap but for someone more sensitive a bill for quarter of a million quid could tip them over the edge.

"You have to ask why the alarm bells didn't start ringing before the bill was sent out.

"If I had actually used that amount I would probably be getting a visit from the police."

Graham said he doesn't have a smart meter and instead lets the bills build up and usually pays when the total reaches £400. He pays 20.9p per kilowatt hour.

EDF told The Sun it was "deeply sorry for the obvious distress" and said that it has corrected the bill for Graham.


It added: "As our customers would expect we have tight controls to ensure that the bills we send are accurate.

"We have launched an investigation into how this happened."

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