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Northerners complain about energy supplier more than Southerners

Peter Kelly
Mar 4, 2020

It is grim up North, isn't it? Well, not entirely, but northerners certainly seem to complain more about the price of energy, telecommunications and travel.

This is according to new research monitoring the number of complaints made to companies and the geographical location of Mr and Mrs Angry.

More than half a million people were surveyed in total and the major issues included  debt and billing, connectivity and customer services for essential infrastructure sectors.


But the shocking thing to emerge was that there were 50% more complaints relating to their energy suppliers when compared to their southern counterparts. 

There were even a third more complaints about customer support from the northerners - although maybe that's just because they're used to people being more friendly than those who live down south.

When you walk around up north, everyone says hello. But if you dare to say hello to somebody on the tube in London, they look at you like you've got a mental health problem.

But, all joking aside, this does point to a wider issue.

Are the services up north simply worse than those on offer down south?


Phone signal, for example, seems worse in the northern heartlands, especially the further north you go and into Scotland.

The research shows that poor connection issues for phone and internet services was also a major problem, with Scots citing issues 15% more than those in the south.

Alex Neill of the complaints firm Resolver told The Telegraph: "People in the North and Scotland are being left behind, with a huge range of important services not delivering for them.

"We all struggle to access, connect or use essential services like energy, telecoms and transport at times – but this is hitting those in the North and Scotland much harder."


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