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Age UK slammed by Charity Commission for misleading the elderly

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Apr 19, 2016

Remember Age UK?

The charity that took a £6m bung from E.On to punt expensive energy to the elderly people it was supposed to be looking after?

Well they've been slammed by the Charity Commission for having “insufficient” oversight mechanisms.

The Charity Comission’s David Holdsworth said: “Participation in the energy market poses significant risks, and Age UK should consider whether continued involvement is in the charity's best interests.

“Any fee or commission that the charity receives through these arrangements must be clear and transparent."

According to the Chairty Commission, Age UK's promotion of the tariff meant customers would reasonably expected it to be the cheapest available.

But in reality the offer left elderly and vulnerable energy consumers paying an average of £1,049 a year for gas and electricity - £176 more expensive than E.On’s cheapest deal.

The controversial tariff was suspended in February.

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Age UK promised to make changes and show greater transparency.

It said: “"We accept we can never be too transparent and our trading arm needs a sharper demarcation from the Age UK charity.”

Too little, too late.

The body supposed to regulate the industry, Ofgem, has said an investigation into Age UK and E.On is not necessary.


Rampant overcharging

Energy consumers are beginning to wake up to the overcharging that’s rampant in the industry.

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Centrica, British Gas’s parent company, revealed yesterday it lost a staggering 224,000 accounts between December and March as customers hunted for a better deal.

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