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SSE's energy racket exposed

Kelvin MacKenzie

Kelvin MacKenzie
May 9, 2016

I KNOW you may think me a bore for banging on about price-switching, but you may be pleased to read this: Whatever you do, don’t move to the energy giant SSE.

An undercover investigation by the journalist Ben Ellery has shown a series of dirty tricks by the nation’s second-biggest power provider which include:

1) Sales staff being told not to tell customers they were trying to entice back that their current supplier could charge a penalty of up to £100 if they ditched them.

2) An instructor admitting their prices were “uncompetitive” but telling staff to “exaggerate the fear” about changing suppliers despite the Government making it easier for customers to do so.

3) On a false pretence, hard-up customers were persuaded to accept prepayment meters which denied them access to the cheapest deals.

This is an absolute racket condemned by both Tory and Lib Dem MPs from a company which had a 48 per cent increase in profits to £549 million last year and paid its CEO Alistair Phillips-Davies £2.31 million.

On studying the investigation I decided to go to my own price comparison site and despite the fact that I switched from Scottish Power to E.On only 30 months ago, I found I could save more than £850 by going with Sainsbury’s Energy.

You should check. I’m told we should all switch every six months.

I have also decided to put “not recommended” against SSE on the website until Ofgem completes its investigation.

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