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Flow Energy boiler lets you warm up your house from smartphone

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Sep 13, 2016

A clever new boiler looks set to solve the problem of forgetting to turn the heating off when you leave the house.

Flow Energy has launched a boiler that customers can control from their smartphone.

Connected to the internet, the Flow boiler lets you turn your heating off, up or down from your tablet, smartphone or laptop.

So if you're getting back early from the office, you can warm up your house early before so it's nice and toasty when you get in. 

Flow claim the Eco RF will be the most efficient boiler ever because it can send signals to the installer when it’s not working properly.

The installer can then log in and fix the glitch from the office, sparing customers costly or inconvenient engineer visits.

Will the Flow Eco RF boiler save me money?

Flow are already one of the most competitively priced suppliers on the market; bundling your new boiler with home energy from Flow could lead to savings bigger than the cost of the boiler package.

By enabling you to manage your energy better, the Flow boiler will also help you save cash every day.

Flow claim it can slash your bills by up to 15% compared to other new, A-rated condensing boilers.

It’s pretty eco-friendly too, promising up to 20% lower carbon emissions compared to standard boilers.

There’s plenty more on Flow in our review.

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Smart thermostats

If you don’t need a new boiler, you might want to have a look at smart thermostats.

These work in a similar way to the Flow boiler, allowing customers to manage the temperature of their home from their phone.

Some can even switch off when they detect the house is empty, or use the weather to decide how hot or cold your home needs to be.


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