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Lisa's complaint against Xercise4Less

Lisa Campbell



Complaint against Xercise4Less

I am having a huge problem cancelling my gym membership with xercise4less. I went into my gym when I was about 2 weeks short of my 12 months and was told I had actually been but into the 30 day rolling contract early, so I could cancel with no notice and they gave me the details on how to cancel and my "W" number. I went home and followed the details and it told me that I would receive an email within 30 days confirming my cancellation but if I had a payment due in that 30 days it would still come out. That's fine, I knew that as they told me at the gym so fully expected to pay in October even though the cancellation was done on 28th September. I waited....and waited....and waited for my email telling me it had been cancelled and I still haven't received it. A week ago I emailed the manager at the gym (with the email address I got off the website) and never got a reply. The 30 days is now nearly up, and I have sent another email to say I want a reply to say my cancellation is cancelled and I won't be charged for November or I will be taking them to the small claims court if the payment comes out but have heard nothing. Can you help?

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