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Miss Anita's complaint against Xercise4Less

Miss Anita Nixon


Membership cancellation

Complaint against Xercise4Less

My son filled out an online application for our local xercise4less gym for 12.99 a month . He went to the gym 11 days later and a member of staff guided him through the online cancellation process using my sons mobile phone . He then filled out a student membership at the gym for 9.99 a month . Not realising the first membership had not been cancelled the first payment of 22.99 was attempted to be taken but my son had insufficient funds . Harlands then wrote to him with administration charges of 25.00 on top . They took 47.99 the following week . I went in to the gym to resolve the issue at the end of May where I explained the situation . I was told that due to my son being 17 years of age he could not have either membership . They cancelled his student membership straight away and I was told that they would refund the 20.00 administration charge as that should of noticed he was 17 but as yet nothing . After numerous emails and phone calls and visits to the gym I was informed on the 10th of July the original membership has been finally cancelled but am still awaiting the 47.99 and a further 12.99 they took from his bank account . Had he not cancelled the direct debit they would of taken another 12.99 .

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