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Tessa's complaint against Xercise4Less

Tessa Lee


Being charged after cancelling.

Complaint against Xercise4Less

I am a student from Jersey in the Channel Islands. I was studying in Bristol at UWE and had a student membership (£9.99 per month). i was told that i was able to cancel the membership if i was moving more than 5 miles away, so at the end of my second year of uni, i went into the Fishponds brach of Exercise4Less and informed them i was was moving back to my home in Jersey (much more than the requested 5 miles away, and they said that was all fine and my membership was cancelled. In my third year at UWE, i realised in May 2016 that i the membership that was supposedly cancelled had started up again in sept/aug of 2015, therefore this company charging me an overall amount of £81(roughly). My bank got in contact with said company and managed to retrieve this money back for me. On my return to Jersey after my final year of uni (June 2016) i received a letter stating that i owe a full sum of £232.42 (including CRS' fees). As far as i knew, i had cancelled my member ship but am now, still a student, being charge for a membership i haven't used since April of 2015 and thought i had cancelled. According to the said company, i had asked to freeze the membership for 4 months. Firstly, i was unaware this was an option, and secondly, i was not moving back to the same area, therefore would have no use of this membership. I was told by said company that my membership was cancelled.

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