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Olman's complaint against Xercise4Less

Olman Aguilera


Cancellation form

Complaint against Xercise4Less

I filled out a cancellation form at the club where I was told I'd have to make one final payment then it would be cancelled. I was even advised that if I am not 100 sure this would work as I made them aware I had issues with Vodafone not cancelling my membership and I wanted complete guarantee that this membership payment would not come out of my account that I could cancel DD also. I took their word for it and filled out application form within the club which they provided. Unfortunately the form was either scrapped as I walked out of their or the application to cancel was dismissed without my knowledge. 2 payments came out of my account there after, I rang to complain and I was told my cancellation form was not received and that now xercise4less only accept online cancellations. I was told I would of received this on the terms and conditions, if that may be the case they did not make it very clear with the endless spam of emails they send out to customers to divert their attention away from even checking any news on their change of policy, a tactic which I'm sure has been successful throughout to catch people of guard. I contacted my bank to collect back the money they should not have taken out under the DD guarantee .My bank informed me that although the money would be back in my account, they would need 5 days to investigate the situation and if xercise4less make a case against it, then I would give back the Money I was credited, which I agreed to. The money was left in my account and my bank informed me they had not made any case against it so I would keep that credit. Xercise4less decided a better way to deal with this would be to my account on to a debt collector.. Before they could investigate what had happened to my cancellation form, who was the advisor I spoke to, what time and date this occurred, basically they did not trust their customers or what they say so they'd prefer not to do some digging and see what they could find. Most importantly, I was on a monthly rolling payment and was not tide to any contract by the time I canceled. Their reputation is up there with the likes of Vodafone customer service (awful) and have since been placed on watchdog due to the outrage of consumers who use this gym but have since realized there's better places to go to. I for one I'm very displeased, ashamed to even say I used the gym and have since noticed the local staff walk out on the place and work at other gyms that I have since been to, with even them clarifying that it's all a big scam.

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