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Pearl's complaint against Xercise4Less



[RESOLVED] - Cancellation issues, Misrepresentation, Charged wrongly, Horrible experiences

Complaint against Xercise4Less

Hello, I am writing this because I am utterly tired of the horrible experiences I have been having as a result of my membership at the Hull Gym. I had some really aggravating issues during the first few months of my membership which were later sorted after weeks of endless complaints and visits to the gym, but this particular issue is beyond me because I do not have the time to go through the same thing again. The first time I called the gym to ask when my 12 month contract which began early 2105 was going to end was in March 2016 and the lady told me it was coming to an end on April 12th and that I had to cancel online using the cancellation form etc. I waited for that day and then cancelled as I was told but then I received a reply saying that my contract was still on and I tried again thinking it was an error and still received the same reply. So in confusion, I visited the gym later with a friend to ask what had happened and the guy at the front desk said the account will be expiring on the April 21st and not the 12th. So, I assumed that I must have mixed up the dates and decided to wait till then. Few days before the 21st, I called the gym again just to confirm the date, and the lady confirmed that I could cancel my membership online by April 21st as it was the last day of the contract. I waited and filled the form after the 21st knowing fully well that it was a 30 day notice and that the DD of 9.99 which is usually taken on the 23rd of every month was to be deducted on the 23rd of April. After I submitted my form, I did not receive any reply from the gym after 30 days, so I assumed that my account had been cancelled considering that I got replies within few days when I had filled the form wrongly but to my surprise, I got debited again on the 23rd of May. Confused at what was going on, I called the gym and told them what had happened and I was transferred to a guy who told me that a mistake had been made, that my account should be canceled and that I was going to be refunded. He said the office would refund me and they are sorry for the mix up because my contract had indeed come to an end and I had filled the form. I reminded him that my DD had not been cancelled and he said that it would be rectified by the office. I waited and got no refund and neither was my DD cancelled, so I called again and I was told exactly the same thing and the guy on the phone even read out the email which had been written to the office on my behalf. ( I never received a refund as I was told and I realized that my DD was not cancelled still. Therefore, I canceled it myself because I cannot afford to loose money anymore. I thought it was all over until I got a text today from X4L demanding me to call a certain number to prevent further action, so I called and the lady told me that I was owing 49.25 pounds and that my membership will be running until September because I had frozen my account at some point. I explained everything to her and she said I should write you. I have no fault in any of this, I have been working based on the information that the Hull gym staff has been giving me. Everything has been misrepresented and from my own point of view, my membership has been cancelled and in all honesty, I cannot afford a gym membership at this time, neither can I pay any of these fees. Since I joined this gym, it has been from one problem to another. My friends are witnesses to the stress I have gone through because of the issues which I have faced as a member of this gym. Please rectify this, I seriously cannot take anymore of this, before the 12 month contract, I was on the 19.99 a month membership plan and would go to the gym at least 3 times a week but since I switched to the 9.99 membership, I have lost the zeal to go the Hull gym as it just reminds me of trouble. Details - Name; Pearl Azu-okeke Regards, Pearl.

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They finally contacted me and closed my account...
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