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Elliott's complaint against Xercise4Less

Elliott Green


Charging students ridiculous late payment fees

Complaint against Xercise4Less

When first signing up to Xercise4Less (X4L) one of the main selling points to me and my partner was because we're students, any monthly payment that can't be taken will be reattempted the next day with a phone call to explain, no fees will be added. Because my partner didn't have a job I set up both gym payments to come out of my bank account. After getting paid late by work one day and Harlands (their finance company) attempting to take the money I withdrew money from my savings and put it into my bank so the transaction would either properly go through or at least they could take it the next day. 2 days later my partner received an email saying the money could not be taken and that we would be charged £25 per account in administration fees for not paying. I contacted Harlands many times and they insisted they couldn't do anything. I then went back to X4L where they told me I was lying about being told there would be no fees (there were 3 witnesses, myself included) and that the manager was out so I couldn't talk to him until the following day. 3 days passed and each of those days I was told the manager wouldn't be in so I would have to wait until he contacted me and it was getting closer to the day Harlands would take £70 from me for the 2 unpaid gym memberships. Went into the actual gym (Fishponds branch in Bristol) where the manager was essentially hiding and trying to get out of talking to me. He eventually heard me out, took me and my partners details and told us he would get back to us at the end of the weekend after talking to Harlands. He did not get back to us. I cancelled me and my partners memberships and cancelled all direct debits to Harlands to stop them taking any money. Since then I've been threatened with bailiffs from the gym via text message and I've received monthly letters from Harlands adding more administration fees. Today I received a letter from Credit Resolution Services (CRS) saying Harlands had passed my case onto them to collect the debt and I must contact them in the next 7 days to avoid additional fees. I now apparently owe £231.41 per account. The best joke of all of this is they can't spell my name correctly and have been addressing my girlfriend as Mr instead of Miss. I am being bullied and harassed into paying fees for a contract I never signed. The only thing me and my girlfriend signed was application forms and not a contract which is what they're saying we have breached.

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