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Marc's complaint against Xercise4Less



Complete Joke - The fraudulent 'friend'

Complaint against Xercise4Less

A ''friend'' of mine who works for Xercise4Less fraudulently used my bank details and set me up with a gym membership, I have personally never joined this establishment not online or stepped foot into the building. I have signed no agreement, received nothing in writing stating terms and conditions ect. How would I have known about this when I have never joined the place. Cancelled the direct debits after a meeting with my bank to look over my accounts highlighted this payment. Shortly received a letter from harlands to contact them as a matter of urgency. Now I am been told that I must set up my direct debits up to cancel with them. But I have never joined the place and my ''friend'' fraudulently used my bank details. Are they interested no. Well they wont be getting another penny out of me, and I am prepared to go as far it needs.

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