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Charley's complaint against Xercise4Less

Charley Higgs



Complaint against Xercise4Less

My local Xercise4less branch (Middleton) have been awful with cancelling my membership with them! I cancelled back in March, and gave them the reason why I couldn't continue any longer (an ongoing injury, the physio told me to hold off on the gym). I got the email through to say my membership had been cancelled, however, they were still trying to take money from me 2 months after. I then was not in a job (I'm a student and couldn't afford the gym mug longer after cancellation anyway), and because of the 30 day rule, they tried taking next months payment, which, when they couldn't do that, they decided to keep trying to take the payments for the next 2 months after that, which had amounted to money I don't owe as I HAD THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL THAT MY MEMBERSHIP WAS CANCELLED!!! I have tried emailing the manager of that branch and calling numerous times only for my emails to be redirected to harlands themselves to resolve this issue, as it has gone into "debt and arrears"?! My mother managed to get through to the local manager and she attempted to explain the situation to him with no luck. Absolutely unhelpful and completely avoiding their wrongdoing.

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