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Rob's complaint against Xercise4Less

Rob Brooke


Membership cancellation

Complaint against Xercise4Less

I signed up to join the gym in the Bristol club on 23rd November 2016. I was unsure about signing up but I was told by the xercise 4 less representative I had 14 days in which to cancel my membership. In the 14 days I filled out the online application to cancel my membership but I read I had to keep the direct debit going until the cancellation had been acknowledged. On 30th December I had a reply from xercise 4 less claiming I was still within my contracted period. I replied on 8th January explaining what I was told when signing up. I did not hear anything for over 2 weeks so emailed again explaining as I have not heard anything I was canceling my direct debit. I then started receiving text messages and letters claiming I owed money and further charges for late payments. I have since contacted head office on 3 occasions and eventually told to contact the local branch. After 8 phone calls, 4 emails and a visit in person I received an email from branch manager saying he will look into this. I am still receiving letters and texts chasing money and threatening depth collectors. I have contacted the company issuing the letters 3 times and explained the situation. Aparently they have put a not on there system but it is not working as I recieved another letter 2 days ago. I have also contacted the Bristol gym chasing a response 4 times and told the manager will call me back and emailed the manager twice but no response.

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