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Laura's complaint against Xercise4Less

Laura Smith



Complaint against Xercise4Less

I joined Xercise4less in may 2017 in the pre-sale ( before the gym officially opened)which was 19.99 then contracted to 12 payments of 9.99 which I thought was a good price compared to my local gym!! After going to the gym a couple of times which was packed everyday, it started to cost me more in petrol money to get there and back so I decided to cancel. Due to me cancelling less than 14 days into the gym opening - my contact stated that I would get a full refund which I was delighted with so I rang up the Mansfield branch and the man at the desk told me to cancel trough the online cancellation process and he told me everything to put in there - again very helpful. I received my cancellation email and then another email stating that my membership had been cancelled and my refund would be in by bank in 30days.But this is where it all started going wrong !! My partner also decided that the gym was slightly too far away and he had cancelled aswell a few days after me but still before the 14 days were up and he had received his refund and I hadn't . However the 30 days weren't up yet so I waited. On day 31 I rang up hardlands to ask when I would get my refund - who replied that my membership hasn't even been cancelled!!!!! To make matters worse they then took a further payment off me !!!!!! I got in touch with the gym who asked me to come in to prove that they had sent me cancellation emails, I then had to go in a couple of days later to give them proof that the payments had been took out of my bank - again the manger of the gym said that all of the information will be sent through and my refund will go through in 15 days - today ( 16 days later) I have rang up hardlands to find out that my memebership has STILL not been cancelled and another payment is due in 4 days !!!! So not only have a driven 50 miles back and forth to give them proof - I driven all that way to find that nothing has even been done !! It sounds like on either end no one knows what they are doing - both hardlands and xercise4less won't get in contact with each other , and I'm sat here trying to get my money back but I'm not allowed to cancel my direct debit because they charge you for doing so !!!! Terrible and disgusting if you ask me !!

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