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Nikki's complaint against Xercise4Less

Nikki Foran


Disgraceful customer service, aggressive threatening staff.

Complaint against Xercise4Less

I am writing with regards to the membership I took out with xercise4less in October of 2019. After participating in the 5 day free trial with my brother, who is a gym member, I decided that xercise4less derby seemed like a nice gym to become a part of. I agreed to have a membership and that was that. As far as I knew, I would be paying £15.99 pm on a set date and that was fine with me. 2 weeks after, on 1/11/19 a payment of £7.99 was attempted from my bank account which I didn't expect and so, didn't even notice. Not long after , on 14/11/19, an amount of £32.99 was attempted from my account. Assuming that this was the missed £7.99 plus the following months gym membership, I went online straight away to pay this....... Only for my online account to show that I now owed £57.99!!!! Absolutely staggered and convinced there had been a mistake, I looked deeper and discovered that £50 of this amount was actually charges!!!! When the letter came through a week later to say the charges were now actually £82.99, I phoned up xercise4less and spoke to K**t, who was no help at all; did not feel that the fees were disgusting or extortionate in any way; was apparently unable to cancel my membership,preventing further fees; and generally by his own admission totally unable to do anything at all with regards to the issue. Not long after I received an email to say the debt had been given to CRS who had slapped their own £65 fees on, meaning a £7.99 fee owed to xercise4less is now 2 months later a whopping £147.99. How on earth is this even OK? This is disgusting, its disgraceful, this is literally like loan sharking! Banks have been made to refund for charging disgustingly high charges over recent years, loan companies too have had their knuckles rapped over this kind of extortion, it is just, well totally unbelievable. I am just flabbergasted if I'm honest. I joined this particular gym as my brothers, my friends, and nearly every member of staff at my company workout there and I wanted to join them, but I will not be a part of a company that treats customers this way or exploits them with such extravagant and ridiculous charges. And to be quite frank, all my colleagues/friends/family have now decided to end their memberships with xercise4less too as they are all shocked and sickened by this situation. I'm hoping that the customer service staff I have dealt with so far have just been unfortunately poor at their jobs, and that actually somebody can help me resolve this ridiculous situation.

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