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Max's complaint against Xercise4Less

Max Crellin


Excessive charges on cancellation

Complaint against Xercise4Less

I had an Exercise4Less £9.99 membership for 3 and a half years which i didnt use or go to once. I decided after 3 and a half years to end it, so foolishly I cancelled my membership in the wrong way by cancelling my Direct debit. I got notice of a £25 charge for that and was told it would be £44 to pay everything and close. On principle, l i told them that it would not be paid and for them to close the account and pass straight on for collection - if they would not waive the charge due to 3+1/2 years of bills always paid with no issue. They would not waive it and have since added another £25 charge. So from 1 bill of £9.99 they think i will now pay them £65! I understand companies have t&cs but it seems unnecessary to behave like this when someone has been a good customer, has never used the services so they have made pure profit on what i have paid, and it ensures i would never use the company again for the rest of my life. Is there anything improper in the way they have operated? Or should i just accept i didnt cancel correctly so should pay it?

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Max Crellin | | VERIFIED

I have since been contacted by CRS, their debt collector, to say it is £170 now! I was furious & told they guy that payday this month i MAY pay the (already excessive) £44 which includes £25 direct debit cancellation cost. But not a pound more. Such a bad way to operate- I have gone from thinking they provide a good service+would gladly use again in the future, to never again for e4less or harland
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