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David's complaint against Xercise4Less

David woroniuk


Fraudulently taken money

Complaint against Xercise4Less

I cancelled my gym membership back on may 2014.I followed all the procedures I was required to in making the cancellation ie filling a very personal form out and taking a letter from my employer who was laying me off. I worked out last month that this was never cancelled and xercise4less have been taking money ever since Very annoying as I've accrued bank charges due this I spoke to someone at the branch they checked the system saying my story mached up as I haven't been in the gym since May 2014 I've tryed getting a refund but have been told via email by Esther that I won't be getting a refund as there is no evidence on there system to support but clearly if there was I wouldn't have been still been charged as it would have been cancelled There is only one way to describe xercise4less and that is fraudsters

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