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khizar's complaint against Xercise4Less

khizar hafeez


gym customer service is very poor , no communication with members, would give zero star if i could 0

Complaint against Xercise4Less

I made a gym membership on a promotional offer, I only joined the gym to utilise the study classes, After a month the classes were cancelled on regular occasions, worse they never gave any notice that the class was cancelled even though we were require to book on to classes online. The gym didn't even place a notice that the class was cancelled. this happened on numerous occasions. Eventually I became sick of being messed around as I only attended for the studio classes. I tried to cancel my membership 6 month in but was told that I can not cancel and I was tied in to a 12 month contract. they said I have to fulfil my 12 month contract and then give a 30 days notice. I tried to give my notice there and then but said it was too long I don't understand why you can not give more the 30days notice ?????? but nevertheless the representative told me to give my notice on the 1st of December , so I did . but now they are they chasing me saying that I owed them one more month of payment. but according to my record I have paid my 12 months payments. I fulfilled my obligation and I followed the instructions given to me. what they are doing is not fair and their service is really bad. I have been receiving letters from Harland and on every occasion I ring the branch and they say they will contact me back after speaking with Head office but no one does instead they still call me to make another membership. A slap on the face. Seems to me they not interested in customer service, they just care about stealing money from their customers. I have been trying to solve this since Jan 2017 and now its July 2017, Xercise4less not willing to call unless they want to sell another membership. Harland are not willing to speak with their client to investigate and ask them to contact me. Head office does not reply to branch managers. Three different parties I need to negotiate with to settle this. I have to do all the leg work. I have had enough No one is interested in solving this but with every letter they want to add charges to the money I apparently owe them . But one is available to explain why I owe them the money in the first place. Big CON . Never Join Xercise4less , big fat zero

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