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Gemma's complaint against Xercise4Less

Gemma Mitchell


Gym membership Warrington

Complaint against Xercise4Less

Hi there I want to make a complaint of this gym for trying to take and make more money off me! I cancelled my gym membership a while ago and they still took payments out of me bank after someone saying who I sat down with they’d cancelled it. Also the gym attempted to take 2 payments of 9.99 our of my account in the wrong payment date we agreed and I had no fund in my account due to this the charges me 25.00 and then tried to take again and then sent my situation over to debt collector and put a l of a lot more chargers on ! I am not willing to pay nearly 139 pound when all I owe that gym is 20 pounds which I and willing to pay to settle my account! There has been a number of people and compliant over that gym in Warrington scamming people as it was in the local newspaper and I will go to them again. Also my matter I will a solicitor at this present time And being dealt with which I have rang the debt place today and made them aware and they have closed my account and send back over to the gym! Also this has made me very ill I also suffer from anxiety and stress and this had caused me so much more! I want this resolved quickly .. so I either pay the 20 that I owe and I get my account closed or my solicitor will be taking this higher! Thanks

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