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Liam's complaint against Xercise4Less

Liam O'Grady


Harassed for £222.47, some 4 months after cancelling

Complaint against Xercise4Less

Back before Xercise 4 Less had even opened, I was approached and asked to sign up for a £9.99 membership that would have had a 12 month minimum term. I expressed concern that I didn't want to be tied into any kind of commitment. As a result, I was recommended to go with a £14.99 per month option because it meant I wasn't tied into a contract (or so I was told). This was my sole reason for joining l, because I hate being tied into a contract. My membership itself was setup by a personal trainer (and, as it turns out, salesperson) at the gym itself, who did not explain my right to cancel or give me a chance to review terms and conditions before signing up. I, like many of you, made the reasonable assumption that if I cancel my direct debit, my membership would stop, especially since I agreed to NO MINIMUM TERM. Over 5 months after cancelling my direct debit I get a letter to say I somehow owe them £222.47! My fiancé is having the same experience with her membership. The gym manageress called us back and said there's nothing she can do, and placed the blame on us, the consumers. I've yet to call this collections agency to explain but I fully expect they'll hide behind the "it's in your terms and condition" argument despite never being given a chance to review these at the point of sale.

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