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Joshua's complaint against Xercise4Less

Joshua Ainsworth


harlands massive fines

Complaint against Xercise4Less

I was advised by Bolton xercise4less staff member to just cancel my direct debit as my 12months were up by few month and recently had sustained a knee injury making it inflamed with any exercise I was also fed up with the removal of a wolverson deadlift bar great for lifting heavy weights and a solid deadlift platform few months later new bars came but weren't rated to any decent weight and new bumpers meant a maximum capacity of just 250kg , ive repped 300kg and was banned from using metal plates on these platforms so it's completely unsatisfactory to what ive paid for originally , anyhow after I cancelled ddebit I ask another staff member he informs me of the proper procedure so I reinstate my direct debit the same day but the bank didn't reinstate it intime and receive a letter from harlands with them being informed id cancelled the direct debit even though literally minutes later id reinstated it , so now the direct debit is reinstated ive gone through the website and filled out the cancellation form and emailed the Bolton manager through facebook listing my dissatisfaction with changing of bars and my injury situation both of which are legally solid ground to cancel without any payment 30 day period , I however am willing to abide with their system and pay 1 month membership as per their rules and then them cancel the direct debit that is reinstated

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Joshua Ainsworth | | VERIFIED

hasnt been resolved , fee's in excess of 3 x the membership lowest offers on the table despite inaccurate advice from their staff and a change of services offering unsatisfactory well below the original services I sought and had used frequently without notification

Joshua Ainsworth | | VERIFIED

theyve sent a letter saying I owe over £200 , do these plastic gangsters think these bully tactics will work lol
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