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Hala's complaint against Xercise4Less

Hala Hassan


Hospitalised for 1 year and can't get reimbursement of the membership for that time

Complaint against Xercise4Less

Without going into a lengthy long and winding email, to cut a long story short, prior to Aug 2014 I was a fit and active career focused 20 something year old, then suddenly on 14th August 2014 I was admitted to hospital for what I thought was just a persistent yet sometimes painful pins and needles in my legs. I was admitted that night and wasn't discharged from hospital until August 10 2015, that's nearly a whole year. I now get around using a powered electric chair and am no longer the independent 20 something year old I used to be, my life has changed and I am determined I will one day get back to where I was. There are many details I could go into like the sudden deterioration which meant I couldn't speak or write, the spinal surgery I had to undergo, countless procedures the most intense therapies and rehabs to help me move my legs...these are just a few of the things I endured and the my journey and recovery has only just begun for me now. The condition I have is very rare and so is the therapy and treatment that goes along side it. So I guess you're wondering where you come into it. In July 2015 after having months of occupational therapy specifically aimed at getting me back to do things like using my phone and accessing emails etc I could review what on earth had happened to my finances and other commitments from the previous months. Once I'd obtained the details for xervise4less I emailed immediately explaining my situation and requested for my membership to be cancelled and offered to provide any medical evidence or information required to get this done retrospectively. I heard nothing, leading up to my discharge was an extremely stressful and busy time so when reviewing things with my PAand carers in November we noticed that my membership was still being paid by direct debit and the membership had not ended. I further contacted the manager at my branch who responded once and then was not in touch for weeks till I had to chase contact and was told that the previous manger had left and there was a new one in place and that she didn't know why I hadn't had contact from my initial email in July but she would arrange a refund from July till that time (correctly as I had email proof) but I should contact the enquiries team for the remaining request. After doing this I felt I wasn't being listened to. I was constantly told even if I couldn't do it I should of got a family member to take my cancellation request to the castleford branch as soon as I wanted to cancel it. I found this incredibly insensitive as again without going into detail I didn't have the family around me at the time and my health was my priority and I didn't feel I should have to justify this considering I was going out of my way to provide more than enough information. Eventually after emailing Jon Wright I was allocated the same person on the enquiries team who came back to me and said they would offer me a 6 month refund and this would be my final offer as agin she mentioned and reiterated that I hadn't provided the request at the time. I just want to clarify my disappointment as xercise4less has such a strong priority on customer satisfaction and I feel as though my point has been missed. I'm not demanding or expecting anything special or trying to twist the policy in fact I'm looking for a gesture of goodwill for a reimbursement from Aug 2014 till jul 2015 and again my consultants, physio's, GP and Therapists are all happy to provide any information you guys would like to confirm my situation. The last response I sent back to the enquiries team was that in order to respond to the offer of 6 months reimbursement I wanted to the membership enquiries team to ask Jon after reading my email what else within my power did he think or expect me to do within my capacity to get the request cancelled earlier than I did. Many different companies have been involved or impacted through what has happened and all have gone above and beyond to help and assist me in sorting things out and now that my journey is hopefully starting to take a positive turn this situation is almost coming up to 2 years and I am still finding myself trying to bring things to a close. I'm willing to just forget the poor service at the start and the lack of contact and being ignored for months when I did manage to email my request and I'm trying not to judge the company by these things. I don't want to be a nuisance and I want an amicable resolution to all of this sooner rather later. All I'm asking for is a refund for Aug-Jul and for someone to acknowledge my situation and the fact I couldn't do anything else and it's not fair to assume everyone has family members that could or should have to do these things for them. I didn't think asking for this retrospectively would have been this big a deal especially as a gesture of goodwill (which I know you're not obligated to do by the way). Anyway I've gone on and on and I'm sorry to have taken up your time I know you're all extremely busy and appreciate your time. If you'd like me to forward any further emails or provide any more information please don't hesitate to ask. By the way I'm not trying to bypass anyone and appreciate Jon is the top of the chain, but Esther is working on his behalf and I'm just trying to get through to someone who can speak to me personally so I can feel like I'm treated individually and not just the name at the top of a generic email response for an offer of goodwill. My last email is below where I requested to know what more the gym would have liked me to do and I really hope you can understand why I'm so passionate for a quick resolve. Prior to my hospital admission to hospital I worked as a Social COmmunity and Content Manager for the same global company mentioned above and I know how important customer feedback and satisfaction is. I'm not asking to have the rules bent or to be an exception to the rule, I'm just asking for some discretion to be used.

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