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Andrew's complaint against Xercise4Less

Andrew Davies


Immoral trading and sales

Complaint against Xercise4Less

I made it very, very clear that I was in and out of work on a regular basis and was basically poverty stricken, I was basically told I could cancel at any time. I paid for a month, I couldnt afford the following months payment ( I have had twon weeks work in three months). I then cancelled my memebership. I have them recieved a letter to say the memebershop was not cancelled and I had to pay a further figure of £25. I rang the debt collection agency who they use (harlands) and expressed my disgust and told them I clearly had no many ( I was visiting the foodbank at the time). They said they couldnt help me and speak to the manager. I received another letter and rang again a few days ago to see if I could once again if could resolve this they told me to speak to the manager of the gym, today I paid a visit and was told he coulndt deal with it as it was a separate company! I have since spoken to another ex member and they told me they had similar issues and it was a complete nightmare leaving this gym. I shall now ring the local newspaper as I feel this type of trading is immoral and the general public should be warned of these practices.

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