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Craig's complaint against Xercise4Less

Craig Thomas


Losing my cancellation form.

Complaint against Xercise4Less

First of all, what I wanted to do was cancel my membership with these because I no longer wanted to be with them, so first of all I cancelled it through my bank but then had threating letters saying about debt collectors, so then I agreed to do the way they have told me to do it with the whole form and the payments off the outstanding 9.99 for the month and tbat would have been the end of it they told me no more payments, but after that they still continuing taking payments after this so I phoned them today and they apprently haven't got no record of my cancellation form which I 100% percent did because we phoned and they confirmed it was all sorted but clearly not but now they said I got to do another form and pay again which I ain't willing to do because why should have I got to pay for their mistake by losing my cancellation form. I just wondering what I can do to stop this happening with no more payments thanks,

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