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Linda's complaint against Xercise4Less

Linda Lawrence


Manager told me that had got parking charge cancelled but now cost escalated and threat of action.

Complaint against Xercise4Less

I complained to the manager about a £60 parking charge notice received when driver was attending the gym. The manager said he would try to get it waived and phoned me a couple of days later to say that this had been done. Five weeks later a 'Final Notice' was received with an elevated charge of £100 with no right of appeal as, according to the parking company, the appeal time had elapsed. I took the 'Final Notice' straight to the gym manager to query why it had been sent out. He assured me he would email the parking company and sort it out and confirmed once again that it had been cancelled. He said he would contact me when it had been sorted out but as it was Friday afternoon he wouldn't expect to hear until Monday,but not to worry about it. I did not hear from the manager, so six days later I went to see him again. He told me he had heard nothing (and neither had he followed it up) The 'Final Notice' seemed quite threatening so I was anxious to get this resolved. The manager reassured me that he would get the issue resolved and again emailed the Parking Company. When I explained to him how worried I was he reassured me, said that the parking company would take note eventually, he copied me into the email trail, in order to reassure me he was dealing with it and also reassured me he'd copied his boss in. He asserted that the charge could go up to £1000 and that I still wouldn't be paying it and that we had to stand firm. I was feeling quite distressed but his final words to me were that it would be sorted and not to worry. Eight days later, I still hadn't heard anything but was away from home so could not go to see him. As I hadn't heard from him, I searched for the thread that he had added me to the previous week to see if there was any update. There was not but I discovered that far from not having heard from the parking company after he had initially queried the 'Final Notice', the reply had been quite emphatic on more than one occasion that the charge still stood. It referred him to an administrative reason I did not understand. Having read the full email thread I immediately telephoned him. It was a mobile number and he explained that he wasn't at work as he was attending a funeral that day. I obviously offered my condolences and asked if he could escalate this to his manager as soon as possible as he didn't seem to be getting any resolution. He told me that he would telephone me over the weekend when he was back in at work. I also received an email from the 'Front Desk' of the gym to confirm that the manager would call me over the weekend. The 'Front Desk' email also offered apologies for the situation but suggested that I now sort this out for myself with the Parking Company. I felt as though I had been thrown under the bus! When the manager had still not telephoned me, 15 minutes before the gym was due to close on Sunday, I telephoned the gym to speak to him. I was told that he had left some hours before. The member of staff was very sympathetic and suggested that I could make an appointment to see the manager the next day, which I did. When I arrived at reception for the appointment I was told that he was not there. I spent 50 mins with the Sales Manager going through the whole saga and he agreed to contact the parking company again to preferably get the charged cancelled, or at least to the original level of £60 as I had been wrongly told that it had been waived and, therefore had no reason to appeal or to have paid the charge earlier. Later that day the sales manager telephoned me to say that he had spoken to customer services at the parking company but they had said that he had to email the company in order to receive a response. He told me he would let me know as soon as it was received. Meanwhile I have heard nothing from the Manager. This has gone beyond the rights and wrongs of receiving a parking charge notice. The facts are that he informed me that it had been cancelled and reassured me all along that it would be sorted out in the end. He then suddenly washed his hands of it, messed me around, ignored me and left me in a much worse position than having a £60 penalty to pay. I think this is unacceptable behaviour for the manager of this facility. I would also like to add that I have evidence, in various forms, to support my complaint.

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