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Jodie's complaint against Xercise4Less

Jodie Holland


Membership issues

Complaint against Xercise4Less

I recently received a phone call from my local gym about my membership. On joining in December I was told that it's only £10 a month plus a £15 fee. So I agreed and joined. Me and my brother had been going to the gym since then at 8pm at night. Until I received a phone call saying that my membership will be cancelled and have to start up again with another joining fee included. I asked just to cancel yet I couldn't do that as I had to be redundant, live 15 miles away or have a sick note from doctor. I was surprised as I would have thought they would have said something at the gym before all this happened. Now I'm confused at the whole situation. The fact that I was told our membership is being cancelled yet I can't leave? I live on my own and money can be tight and with this going on it's adding more stress in my life. Xcercise4less don't tell you everything only what you want to hear it's £10 a month but only for times 10-4 which I work full time so isn't beneficial for me. So basically I'm tied in to a gym membership of £10 a month which is no good to me but the time I can go it's costing £15 a month! Plus a fee if I switched!! I don't understand the fee if I'm already a member?!

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