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Chelsea 's complaint against Xercise4Less

Chelsea Roberts


Poor service to resolve cancellation issue

Complaint against Xercise4Less

I recently cancelled my direct debit by accident but then cancelled on the online form. I tried too contact someone about this but was unsuccessful. I was then charged by Harlands for doing this. I paid the £34.99 that I owed and assumed that it had been resolved as I wasn't told otherwise by a member of staff at Harlands. I then received another email about more money I owed the company. I called Harlands again to explain that I had already paid and cancelled what do I do. He told me to call Xercise4less and they will sort it. I called them and the lady on the phone said that I have to contact head office. I then emailed Harlands with evidence I have cancelled and what should I do now as speaking directly to Xercise4less didn't solve any matters/what to do next. I did not get a response but I received a few weeks later another letter stating I now owe £69.98. I called Harlands and the lady on the phone was rude and did not help me in this situation in the slightest. She said that I need to pay it and then she can reinstate my direct debit to pay the last month in hand before I can cancel. I then explained that her previous 2 colleagues didn't inform me of this so I should not have to pay if it is the companies error, she responded with that's not my problem. After much arguing back and forth, I then asked to talk to a manager to help me solve the issue as she was not considering it is not my error and that the company should have informed me from the first call. She then said I can't talk to a manager. The phone call was left in a unsettled state and I feel that the company are quick to demand money but the customer service is appalling.

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