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Khalid's complaint against Xercise4Less

Khalid Gul


The worst customer service in history..gaining money by deception and having goons working harlands

Complaint against Xercise4Less

My direct debit cancelled due to my bank closing down without my knowledge.harlands suddenly started sending me letters saying I owed late payment fee.I contacted my gym in which the manager said he will resolve it with head office.I waited 6 weeks and still no reply from head office.I decided to pay my late payment fee together with the 2 months that I missed in September 2017..in the same phone all I asked the advisor as I will be cancelling my membership I will call up myself and make the last month payment over the phone as I have no bank at the moment to set up my direct debit with.harlands then put wrong notes on the account and hey presto received a fee of 120 pound from their credit department because the payment of 10 pound was not made by direct debit which I I already told them why it fudnt.just got off the phone to harlands who were so tude.a man called Adam did not listen..refused to put me through to a manager and terminated my phone call .I feel sick this is the worst customer service call of my life..so as it stands I do not want to be a member of this goon gym any more.they have frauds working on their behalf. They will not cancel my membership.and they insist I pay the 120 or else they will do so and so.I am going to take this to trading standards and do the most damahe possible if this does not get resolved.and if this so called fee of 120 does not get sorted. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GYM THEY SIGN U UP AND SUCK YOU DRY AND SEND YOU TO THE LIONS.

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