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Carol's complaint against Xercise4Less

Carol Henshall-Brown


Threatening debt collectors when there is no debt after cancellation

Complaint against Xercise4Less

I wrote to Xercise4less on 25th may cancelling my membership. I received an email on 12th June stating that my cancellation has been accepted and will be effective 30 after the original cancellation date - ie cancelled from 25th June. My subscription was taken on 3rd June as it tells you not to cancel your direct debit as they will do it. By 29th June they still hadn't cancelled my DD and as my membership was no longer valid, I cancelled it myself as they would have taken more money on 3rd July. Since then I have received an email everyday saying my account is in arrears and unless I call the number and sort it out straight away, they will pass the debt to debt collectors . As I dont owe them any money, I duly called the number to be put through to a voicemail asking me to leave my name number etc and someone will call back. I have had the same message everyday and left a message everyday but guess what - no one has called. I would warn everyone that it appears that their tactics have not changed at all and would strongly recommend that they cancel their own DD as its obvious they wont do it in time.

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