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Conor's complaint against Xercise4Less

Conor Bond


Xcercise4less & Harlands have pounded me with charges over a membership which I used only four times

Complaint against Xercise4Less

I had a gym membership set up with Xcercise4less and had a free month's membership, agreed to have direct debit set up at the beginning of every month (when I get paid). I attended the gym three times after the first induction. I was unhappy with the gym as an overall so I asked to cancel my membership as they took the payment 2 weeks early and it bounced back which I did explain why and they said they would get it resolved. A few weeks later I had £40 charge plus the monthly membership fee on my bank account which I didn't agree to. Contacted them and they said to get in touch with the gym, so I did and they just kept telling me to get in contact with harlands and CRS. The problem didn't get resolved due to lack of communication and help with them. Now I am receiving letters for sums in the region of £600+ which I find is absolutely abysmal considering I tried dealing with them months ago. Now I have a gym membership set up with a 24h gym, they took the payment out yet again on the wrong date from which I asked and now have admin charges coming from harlands again for a different membership. I have researched them and it seems like thousands of people are being affected by this including numerous friends of mine. I would like this problem to get resolved as it could get me in high amounts of debt ect. Please let me know if anyone can help.

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