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Tim's complaint against Xercise4Less

Tim Gajus


Xercise 4 Less

Complaint against Xercise4Less

They charged me direct debit twice at the start of the membership which means that over the period of 12 months I have paid them 12x - which is what I committed to in the contract. The cancellation process is really difficult and it is really unfair as giving 30 days notice of cancellation is not enough for them to stop you charging money for the next month as they themselves take 30 days to respond to a cancellation - whereas if you miss a direct debit, because you cancel it yourself they contact you STRAIGHT AWAY! It's just ridiculous - on the phone with the customer service and they just blame everything on xcercise 4 less, it's their contract and they say it's fully compliant - it's made to make it as difficult as possible to cancel your contract. If I only committed to 12 payments for the contract then why can't I just cancel the contract after this period whenever I want??? It would make more sense for the customer and for the company which would then be able to focus on making their equipment better than paying for call centre staff to deal with all of these complaints. You can't just force people to stay with you.

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