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Kirk's complaint against Xercise4Less

Kirk Elliott


Xercise4less CRS Harlands Fees

Complaint against Xercise4Less

I cancelled my xercise4less membership after paying for 19 months by cancelling my direct debit. I only attended the gym 3 times within this time period. I informed the local gym by e-mail, stating i have cancelled and no longer need to be a member. I since released i the small print, the only way cancellation was validated would be through the web-site. This furthermore, i needed to give a months notice (even after i did 12 months) before cancelling. I admitted i missed this and sent a recored delivery letter stating i was willing to pay the £9.99 due, in good faith. I was told a £25 administration charge musted be paid to cancel, as well as my now due membership fees. I refused to pay a fine, for being a loyal (19months) and very inactive customer.. But my £9.99 still stood. This offer was refused and i was threatened. 3 months after this incident i am told i owe £171.47, due to membership fees of £29.97 (i'll get back to this), £75 administration charges & a further £66.50 recovery fee. My problems with all these three fees are as follows :- 1/ £29.97 - I was told i am still paying membership fees, however will be refused entry to the gym if i tried (not that i would want too!) If i am paying membership fees? surley i am a member with membership rights? I have asked CRS &Harlands this question 4 times. They refuse to answer. 2. Adiminstration charges £75.00 - I was told these have been occured as my details have been passed to harlands then CRS. I was TOLD CRS was a seperate company, and therefore charges need to be made. I questioned this, but was re-assured. I since have found out they are not. I have asked them to accept they where mis-leading and disceetful. They decline to answer my question in anyway, but the charges still apply. 3. Recovery fee £66.50 - I may be incorrect here, but only true registered debt collection companies can enforce this payment, to which this is a ficticious bill made to squeeze evry penny out of myself. To note their terms & conditions say, one months notice. Regardless if i cancelled my direct debit or used the web-site i offered to pay a full month without use to cover the notice period. I feel this was fair and reasonable. I stand here today, with constant calls, total ignorance to answer a single question of mine to where the legitimacy of taking my money if for & constant demands for a hugly inflated bill which i beleive is unlawful. Please help, this is effecting my health, but i refuse to be bullied into paying for something i havnt recieved or am being refused service for. Kirk

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Kirk Elliott | | VERIFIED

This is still open, please if there are any comments or advise, i would gretly appreciate it.
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