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Tracey-Jane's complaint against Xercise4Less

Tracey-Jane Bingham


Xercise4Less wont process our cancellation

Complaint against Xercise4Less

We took out contracts in mid 2014 for myself and my husband and we've never really used it, over a year ago the system got updated and husband can't even get into our accounts anymore if even wanted to book anything. So I finally decided to cancel and terms advised we had to send letter into Exercise4less branch we opened in, so handed this in, this notified I would cancel DD the following month and this letter was formal notice of cancellation and 30 days notice. I actually then forgot to cancel my DD the following month and didn't notice till the payment came out again, appreciated that was my fault, so cancelled DD then for anymore payments. Well, I am now getting emails from Harlands advising they will be charging me default fees which have started at £25 and will escalate me to debt collection. When I told them I've cancelled as per agreement I got told they don't deal with this and I had to contact X4L. In later communication Harlands then told me that I cannot cancel my agreement by letter and it must go through the X4L online form, I don't even know about an online form, this wasn't the case when we accepted our agreements and I've told them we cannot access online. I've also had texts in from X4L advising I'm in default, I texted back explaining and I got zero response to that, then another text arrives advising I have to pay or would be sent to debt collection, I have again responded and asked them to read the texts and explained situation again but nothing back. I'm appalled by the customer service and I can't understand how an online only cancellation rule can be enforced when1-this wasn't the case when I joined and 2-not everyone has access to their online systems, as we don't (not a problem if only using gym as don't need it, or not using at al!) Our family are now looking to cancel also as this is all really stressful (there are other budget gym options in our area that are not using fear tactics and threats of debt collection) when we've followed all the rules we have a note of! I don't know how to get these people to close this as Harlands won't accept we've cancelled and X4L don't seem to answer any communication as both text and letters have been ignored now.

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