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Jemma's complaint against Horizon Leisure Centre

Jemma Hawkins


Cancelled membership

Complaint against Horizon Leisure Centre

I had to cancel my membership as I came out of work and cancelled my direct debit. I had 4 months left of a 1 year contract.horizon contacted me When they tried to take the dad even though I informed them I had cancelled it because I had no money going into my account. They advised I was in breach of my contract and I explained I have no money to pay at the moment but would clear the 4 months I owed once I was working again. This obviously fell on deaf ears as they kept putting late payment charges on and Harland started sending threatened no letters to me and keep putting charges on. I sent an email on 7th November explaining again my situation. And making an offer of payment for the 4 months membership I owed which my parents agreed to pay for me. I received no reply. Today I have received a threatening letter from Harlands with yet more charges applied. So from owing £107.80, I apparently now owe £214.30. Surely this isn’t legal?. Surely they should reply to emails. I have made an offer of payment. This is criminal. Is there anywhere I can go to get this resolved as Harlands and Horizon just seem to be able to keep adding charges as it suits!!. Will never have any dealings with horizon ever again. They boast being a charity...what a joke..charity’s help people not try and bankrupt them.

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