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Steven's complaint against Horizon Leisure Centre

Steven Mallory


Complete lack of compassion

Complaint against Horizon Leisure Centre

My other half had to return to Iran, her country of birth, due to a family emergency. She will be gone for two months and therefore be unable to use the facilities. Having requested a temporary suspension for two months, the club refused to do so on the basis that the medical emergency did not affect my other half directly. There is a strong possibility that her brother will die, which I have conveyed to the club. Nevertheless, they have point-blank refused to suspend the membership for the two months that she will be away, quoting “policy”. I have therefore cancelled my own membership and I would urge anyone wishing to join the club to make absolutely sure that they have every intention of remaining a member for the full 12 months. One final note of caution, I joined in late June of last year and on the 1st of August they charged me for a pro rata payment for June, all of July and all of August (all correct and I was advised this would happen) Having recently cancelled my membership due to their intransigence and lack of compassion shown to my other half, I received the schedule for the remaining direct debit payments due on my account which indicate that my last payment will be on the 1st of July 2018 - a period therefore of 13 months and yet my contract was for 12 months. I’ve already paid for last July so why the additional payment other than sharp practice? Caveat Emptor - let the buyer be aware! Or should that say “beware”?

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